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Studio Equipment Fotoctech Collection 2009-2010


Shenzhen Fototech Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise in studio equipments. It mainly works on OEM production for different oversea well-known brands including studio flash, stands, reflector umbrella, softbox, photo table and relative studio equipments. There are distributors in different districts within China and, meanwhile, Fototech itself is also acting as a distributor for many well-known brands from Europe. Throughout these years development, the enterprise has achieved substantial growth in every aspect and has become one of the most concerned photographic equipment manufacturers. At the same, it has developed a large long-term customer network which provides a solid foundation for its development.

Being one of the photographic manufacturers in China, Fototech has soon released the huge market within the country and thus has input much more concern on it and formulated a set of different sales plans. This makes the enterprise well-prepared for the quality improvement and market.

From starting on the business, Fototech has been continuously seeking for quality, variety and novelty and, consequently, new products that are in “Fototech” brand are released in a rapid rate which can therefore satisfy most of the customers' needs. “Internationalization” is Fototech's main objective these years and it is continually looking for ways to improve its performance both technically and administratively. By manufacturing under the PDCA mode, photographic equipments are produced in the best quality under the “Fototech” brand.